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Raw cosmetic material containing skin-regenerating peptides

Biosolution Co., Ltd. has developed a raw cosmetic material BSP-11 that contains skin-regenerating peptides.

Substance P, which is contained in BSP-11, is a core factor that is known to regenerate the skin through the proliferation and mobilization of skin cells. However, Substance P is unstable and easily disappears when used.

Biosolution Co., Ltd. has developed a stable dosage form of Substance P called ‘BSP-11’. BSP-11 is the first raw cosmetic material that can maximize the effects of Substance P through easy absorption into the skin. This provides benefits such as anti-wrinkling, anti-inflammatory, and skin barrier enhancement effects.

Registered on ICID (Dec. 2015)

Anti-wrinkling, anti-inflammation, skin barrier enhancement

Effective absorption through the skin

Can be stored in room temperature due to its high stability

Registered for patents both locally and internationally

  • - 물질 P를 포함하는 상처치유용 약학 조성물 (10-2016-0042913)
  • - Skin external composition for treating a wound comprising substance P (PCT/KR2016/004539)
  • -물질 P를 포함하는 주름 개선 혹은 항염증 화장품 조성물 (10-2017-0075070)
  • Cosmetic composition comprising substance P for improving skin wrinkles
    or anti-inflammation activity (PCT/KR2017/006218)
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Cosmeceutic Raw Materials
Originating from Stem Cells STeM水

Biosolution Co., Ltd. has developed not only stem cell therapy products, but also a cosmeceutic ingredient, called STeM水, which consists of stem cell culture media.

STeM水 can provide positive effects such as moisturizing, soothing, whitening, and anti-wrinkling effects of the skin through many growth factors for skin health and extracellular matrices that fill the intercellular space.

Xeno-free culture medium of human adult stem cells

Rich in growth factors and cytokines

Complies with the “Safety Standard for Human Cell/Tissue Culture” in accordance
with the “Regulations on the designation of cosmeceutic raw materials
(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Notification No. 2010-99)”