Raw Materials for Cosmeceutics

PRODUCT / Raw Materials for Cosmeceutics


New cosmetic material containing a skin-regenerating peptide

Biosolution Co., Ltd. has developed a new cosmetic material BSP-11 that contains the skin regenerating peptide Substance P.

Substance P is a core factor that is known to regenerate the skin through the proliferation and mobilization of skin cells. Its efficacy has been proven for the first time at Biosolution Co, Ltd. and has been published on Nat. Med.

Substance P (SP)?

As a wound healing peptide, SP heals wounds by facilitating the proliferation and mobilization of cells - Efficacy proven first by Biosolution: Nat. Med.(2009)
  • Nature Medicine 15, 425 - 435(2009)
  • Published online : 8 March 2009 l doi : 10.1038/nm. 1909
  • A new role of substance P as an injury-inducible messenger for mobilization of CD29+ stromal-like cells

Acquired intellectual property

KR (Local)
  • · Registration Date : 2016.04.07
  • · Registration Number : 10-2016-0042913
  • · Title of Invention : A pharmaceutical composition
    for wound healing comprising
    substance P
  • · Registration Date : 2016.04.29
  • · Registration Number : PCT / KR2016 / 004539
  • · Title of Invention : Skin external composition for
    treatinga wound comprising
    substance P
KR (Local)
  • · Registration Date : 2017. 06. 14
  • · Registration Number : 10-2017-0075070
  • · Title of Invention : A wrinkle-improving or
    anti-inflammatory cosmetic
    composition comprising
    substance P
  • · Registration Date : 2017. 06. 14
  • · Registration Number : PCT / KR2017 / 006218
  • · Title of Invention : Cosmetic composition comprising
    substance P for improving
    skin wrin -kles or
    anti-inflammation activity

Outstanding effects such as anti-wrinkling, anti-inflammation, and skin barrier enhancement

Absorbed easily by the skin


Cosmeceutic Raw Materials Originating from Stem Cells STeM水

Biosolution Co., Ltd. has developed not only stem cell therapy products, but also a cosmeceutic ingredient, called STeM水, which consists of stem cell culture media.

STeM水 can provide positive effects such as moisturizing, soothing, whitening, and anti-wrinkling effects of the skin through many growth factors for skin health and extracellular matrices that fill the intercellular space.

Xeno-free culture medium of human adult stem cells

Rich in growth factors and cytokines

Complies with the “Safety Standard for Human Cell/Tissue Culture” in accordance
with the “Regulations on the designation of cosmeceutic raw materials
(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Notification No. 2010-99)”