Experimental Cells

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Primary Cells for In Vitro Research

As a leading company in cell therapeutics, Biosolution Co., Ltd. supplies human-derived primary cells with high self-replicating capacity for experimental purposes based on many years of experience in cell isolation and culture techniques.

Product Name Description Size Passage # Product Code
HEK-A/F Human epidermal keratinocyte, Adult T25(Proliferating cell) 2 MC1322
T75(Proliferating cell) 2 MC1323
HDF-A Human dermal fibroblast, Adult T25(Proliferating cell) 2 MC1232
T75(Proliferating cell) 2 MC1233
HUVEC Human umbilical vein endothelial cell T25(Proliferating cell) 2 MC1132
T75(Proliferating cell) 2 MC1133

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