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Biosolution Co., Ltd.: A Leader in Cell-Based Biotechnology

About Us

Biosolution Co., Ltd. has been established in January 14th, 2000 on a motive to lead the market in manufacturing and selling cell therapy products, and to pursue development in cell therapeutics technology. The main areas of our leading business include cell based therapeutics with their background in somatic and stem cell technology, and the manufacturing, sales, and R&D of human tissue models for screening toxicity and efficacy with our tissue engineering technology.

Biosolution Co., Ltd. received product approval for KeraHeal, a sprayable autologous keratinocyte medication for severe burns, in 2006 and approval for coverage under the occupational health and safety insurance in 2009. We also have received product approval for KeraHeal-Allo, an allogeneic keratinocyte therapy product in the form of hydrogel, in October, 2015. Biosolution Co., Ltd. is also under phase 2 clinical trials for CartiLife, a small spherical autologous chondrocyte therapy product used to cure arthritis.

The human tissue models are sold for the assessment of the toxicity and efficacy of cosmeceutics and drugs on the human body which fall under our contracted research services category. Furthermore, we are performing research led by the Korea Food & Drug Administration on our human tissue models for registration on the OECD test guidelines as a standard model for alternatives to animal testing; documents are planned for submission within this year. We are currently selling SteM水(SteMSoo), a media extract comprised of human stem cells that possess anti-wrinkle effects, whitening effects, and recovery in the elasticity of the skin.

Business Plans and Strategy

As our live expectancy has grown and medical welfare benefits have increased, ‘Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine’ hats appeared as a new area in medicine in the 21st century known to possibly replace defective body parts due to degenerative or genetic disorders, disabilities, accidents and diseases. As cell therapeutics cure diseases at the fundamental level by improving the level of decay in cell and tissue functions, demand in new medications using cell therapeutics have taken its course on a rising slope. With high expectations in the vast market potential and effective value on cell therapeutics, Biosolution Co., Ltd. is concentrating on the R&D and commercialization of these cell therapeutics.

Biosolution Co., Ltd. has developed many products engrafted by the next-gen cell based applied technology using diverse cell sources. By applying this cell based technology on different types of cells, we continuously perform research on next-gen products utilizing reinforced technology to improve on existing products, and technology to develop products ased on different indications; this keeps Biosolution Co., Ltd. in the lead for marketability and technological competitiveness in a rapidly changing market.

Along with cell therapeutics, we were willing to develop human tissue models using the cell application technology of cell therapeutics to prepare a source of development for the future. Since having our human tissue models registered as the OECD international standard test method will most likely lead to an extensive growth in the market, we are developing and carrying out the applicable test and verification standards. As a worldwide leader in the biological industry, Biosolution Co., Ltd. is willing to contribute to the health and wellbeing of mankind with our cell based application technologies.

Core R&D Technology
  • Cell Based Application Technology
Areas of Business
  • Cell Based Therapeutics
  • Human Tissue Models
  • Stem Cell Based Cosmeceutics
  • Contracted Research Services
Company Biosolution Co., Ltd.
Date Established January 14th, 2000
Capital 3 Billion KRW
Headquarters & Research Lab 5F, Seoul Technopark, Gongneung-Ro 232, Nowon-gu, Seoul
Manufacturing Dept 1F & 5F, Seoul Technopark, Gongneung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul
Business Development, Manufacturing, Sales of Cell Therapeutics
Products Cell Therapeutics, Human Tissue Models, Wound Therapeutics, Stem Cell Media Extract Cosmeceutics
Website www.biosolutions.co.kr