Research Achievements

R&D / Research Achievements

No. Type Title Year Journal
63 foreign Development and validation of UPLC method for WST-1 cell viability assay and its application to MCTT HCE™ eye irritation test for colorful substances. 2019 Toxicol in vitro
62 foreign SOX-6, 9-Transfected Adipose Stem Cells to Treat Surgically-induced Osteoarthritis in Goats. 2019 Tissue Eng Part A
61 foreign A novel substance P-based hydrogel for increased wound healing efficiency 2018 Molecules
60 domestic The Clinical Usefulness of Thermo-Sensitive Hydrogel-Type Allogeneic Keratinocytes for Treatment of Deep Second-Degree Burn 2018 J Kr Burn Soci
59 domestic A pathophysiological validation of collagenase II-induced biochemical OA animal model in rabbit. 2018 Tissue Eng Regen Med
58 foreign Fully dedifferentiated chondrocytes expanded in specific mesenchymal stem cell growth medium with FGF2 obtains mesenchymal stem cell phenotype in vitro but retains chondrocyte phenotype in vivo 2017 Cell Transplant
57 foreign Effectiveness and safety of thermosensitive hydrogel-type cultured epidermal allograft for deep second-degree burns: Third phase clinical trial 2017 Advances in Skin & Wound Care
56 foreign Establishment of immortalized primary human foreskin keratinocytes and their application to toxicity assessment and three dimensional skin culture construction 2017 Biomol Ther
55 foreign An acrodermatitis enteropathica-associated Zn transporter, ZIP4, regulates human epidermal homeostasis 2017 J Invest Dermatol
54 foreign Prevalidation trial for a novel in vitro eye irritation test using the reconstructed human cornea-like epithelial model, MCTT HCE™ 2017 Toxicol In Vitro