Research Achievements

R&D / Research Achievements

No. Type Title Year Journal
48 foreign The application of cultured epithelial autografts improves survival in burns 2015 Wound Repair Regen
47 foreign Evaluation of eye irritation potential of solid substance with new 3D reconstructed human cornea model, MCTT HCE 2015 Biomol Ter (Seoul)
46 foreign Identification of corniflin and early growth response-1 gene as novel biomarkers for in vitro eye irritation using a 3D reconstructed human cornea model MCTT HCE 2015 Arch Toxicol
45 foreign A novel cell source for elastic cartilage regeneration 2014 Stem cells Transl Med
44 foreign A clinical trial designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a thermosensitive hydrogel-type cultured epidermal allograft for deep second-degree burns 2014 Burns
43 foreign Keraskin-VM: A novel reconstructed human epidermis model for skin irritation tests 2014 Toxicol in Vitro
42 foreign Skin corrosion and irritation test of sunscreen nanoparticles using reconstructed 3D human skin model 2014 Environ Health Toxicol
41 foreign Transplantation of cyclic stretched fibroblasts accelerates the wound-healing process in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice 2014 Cell Transplant
40 foreign Outcomes of sprayed cultured epithelial autografts for full-thichness wounds: A single-centre experience 2012 Burns
39 domestic Evaluation of moisturizing activity of Lipid-coated powder using a reconstructed human epidermis 2012 Journal of Alternatives to Animal Experiments